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database archiving in ms sql server

i have a datbase ‘dms’in which 100’s of tables .from these tables i have to archive some of tables.
wat i have to do — i have to keep latest three months data in the main table and rest of the data in another new table which have the same fields and constraints as main table means new table is replica of main our over all data is
in these two tables which is earlier in only one table
bcaz earlier it is in only one table so whenever client want to access overall data or a part of data within a particular time interval, he could access it caz there r related queries in front end are written.
now the problem is while creating new table and inserting (let earlier i have ‘spsaleinvhead’ table
and now i create one more table with same attribute
‘spsaleinvheadarc’ –in first 3 months data and in later rest of the data.)
now if client want to access 1 yr data caz its now in two tables so right now it is not possible caz in front end earlier query is written by only main i have not to change front end query and access the data without any problem as that load of data on main table is less and performence is increase and data fetching should work as earlier. send me its solution and material abt archiving.

Follow the link to get to know the process. Satya SKJ
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