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I have an issue with a SQL Server backup that I can’t figure out. The database is around 160GB in size and had been on a Windows 2000 Enterprise server. The drive set that the database resides is on an IBM FastT SAN. Backing up the database had been taking around 45 minutes. Sunday I moved it to a new server with faster processors running Windows Server 2003 and it is now attached to an EMC Clairion SAN. I have been told that the EMC is faster than the IBM. I have performed three backups with the new hardware and the backup time has ranged from one hour and forty five minutes to one hour and twenty minutes. Does anyone have any ideas why the backup is now taking longer? Am I overlooking something stupidly simple? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Try to capture the PERFMON counters during the backup operation and see the disk write cache information and for further assessment on the issue. Also make sure no other jobs are overlapping with this backup job or any other application trying to consume the resources on this server. Satya SKJ
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Agree with Satya and if you want to reduce the backup time then add one or two more backup devices to the bakup job. Thanks DJ