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Database Backup Error

Has anyone come across the error message below before? 18210 :
BackupDiskFile::RequestDurableMedia: failure on backup device ‘\Srv-acc-05 ransactionhf.bak’. Operating system error 64(The specified network name is no longer available.).
The strange thing is that I can run the job manually. I have spoken to our network guys who are adamant it’s not a network issue. Any assistance on this would be appreciated Jason
As the error states, during the time of the backup that you are performing over the network, the network connection failed or the destination server was no longer available.
Yes it is not a network related issue, ensure the referred share is accessible by the SQLAgent account to create the file. Satya SKJ
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The sql agent account does have rights to that server. The strange thing is that it’s not all the backup jobs on that instance of sql server, but just a selected fiew.