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Database backup over network failing

I am using SQL server 2000 and doing the full database backup(SAPDEV) thru SQL Server. The backup dump file is on the mapped drive on our backupserver(SAPLOGS). The backup fails intermittently and the error we get is as follows: 18210 :
BackupDiskFile::RequestDurableMedia: failure on backup device ‘\SaplogsDB_backupDev_fullbackup’. Operating system error 64(The specified network name is no longer available.). Usually the backup runs for about 5 hours and then fails at the end. I checked the space and the application and the event log on the target backup server but there were no errors. Even the space was fine. I am not sure what is happening. I would appreciate if somebody can guide me. Rgds, Viral Shah
If the backup is taking more than 5 hours, then I assume it’s a huge database. For such huge databases, it’s better to take a locak backup and copy the backup file to a network drive. Because any minor interruptions in the network during the backup may fail the backup.
Thanks for the update. However, I do not have space on the local server and that’s the reason why I am pushing the backup dump to the shared drive on our backup server. yes, our database is for SAP system and it is of 210+ GB… So is there any soln. other than taking the backup local and pushing the dump over the network? My concern is what is this error and what should be do to remove this error? Any inputs on this issue is highly appreciated. Rgds, Viral Shah
I assume, with such a big database size, you have divided your data into filegroups. If that is the case, I suggest you do filegroups backups instead of an entire database backup. Do one filegroup backup at a time and push it to the network share location. Run the next filegroup backup right after the previous one is done. I suggest you also check the network connection to that share, it seems yor network is dropping packets on high traffic and eventually the share becomes unavaialble. Hope that helps.
Hi, No my database is not divided into file group and the said database is for our SAP system. I checked with my Network and NT administrator and no other traffic other than the backup is being done on the backup server. I am puzzled as to why this occurs intermittently and how to resolve it permanently. I am expecting help from u all experts. Rgds, Viral Shah
Don’t know what your budgets are like, but I’d suggest looking at a product such as Imceda’s SQL Litespeed. You can compress database backups a lot especially financial ones such as SAP. I use it on Peoplesoft db backups and it compresses them by 10 times (66Gb db ends up with a 7Gb backup). Saves time (they’re quicker too) and saves disk space, time in network copy, tape capacity etc. etc. Really worth a look. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Other than removing or moving unused files from that drive where the backup is performed, there is no other solution to avoid this error. If you perform backup over the network it will take more time than the normal schedule and sometimes if the network is having any problems then the backups may fail which is another danger situation. By all means add more disk space to the drive. Satya SKJ
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Dear Sir/Madam We are using SQL Server 2000 how to set automatic back for each 15 minuties Regards Murthy

You can schedule the backup using SQLAgent job scheduler, for ease you can take help of database maintenance plans to setup backup for each database and schedule them accordingly. Refer to the books online for more information on BACKUP, JOBS topics. Satya SKJ
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