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Database backup size

I backup my databases everyday. For one of the database, the backup file size increased from 15MB to 50MB in one day. When I looked at the data itself, there is not a big increase in the amount of data. Will there be something wrong with my database?
What about the transaction log?.
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Have you set SQL backup job to append backup in previous backup file..? Also you need to look on transaction log size.. if you have database in full recovery and not setup transaction log backup job..then TL size will keep on increasing.
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the other thing taken care if you have schedule re index / reorganize INDEXs , it will increase the size of Transaction log file and will added to your back up file next day. Regards. hsGoswami
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You should know about the data growth and if you’ve not seen any errors/issues noted from SQL server error log or event viewer log then assume nothing wrong with the database.
For a test you can run a server side trace to know the flow of database access. Satya SKJ
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