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Database Change Management

I was testing a third party application "db Ghost" .I came accross a term "Database Change Management".I m wondering What exactly a Database change management is all about.?
i think simple type "Database Change Management" in the google you will get lot of information Businesses are subject to continuing changes. The success of mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations depends on how fast organizations can adapt these changes internally and externally. Critical in all change processes is the information inside disparate IT systems. The crux is maximum ‘visibility’ across the enterprise combined with maximum ‘flexibility’ to react quickly to market conditions. For many organizations this has been a contradiction in terms since IT was introduced. there are more links

Change Management is nothing but managing a big brother role, for any simple change on production server must be scrutinised under change management to ensure it doesn’t affect the availability of production terms. Having a good change management will reduce the risks of production server fallover, it is one of the best practice to adopt. Satya SKJ
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It is a set of processes which tells how we are handling / implementing changes in our production environment. In general any changes should go through: Development -> Testing -> Production You can get more details about change management on SQL Server from this following link. Please refer the Chapter 2: Change, Configuration, and Release Management /* SKChandra */