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database crashed.. help

Hi sorry for the big mail, but i’d appreciate if someone can help me with this issue. I have setup updatable snapshot replication with one article(table) on my sql server 2000 standard edition and attached a subscriber by executing the stored procedures. The idea was to pump the data to the subscriber periodically and since in the rarest occasions the subscriber wanted to update the data, I had to choose updatable snapshot rather than transactional replication. However after a few of days I have observed that all my hard disk space has gone and when i investigated, its been consumed by the log file of the published database. I had only 8MB left on the drive and size of the TLOG grew to 4GB. Because of replication I was not able to truncate the log. It was while I was trying to reclaim the space, I came across the advice to update sysdatabases set status=32768 where name=’dbanme’
dbcc rebuild_log
update sysdatabases…. status=1 and i did it. After this when i restarted, all my DATA IS GONE to my horror. I did DBCC CHECKDB on the database and got lot of errors which looked like below Table error: Object ID 2. The text, ntext, or image node at page (1:66), slot 18, text ID 1683881984 is not referenced.
Server: Msg 8964, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Table error: Object ID 2. The text, ntext, or image node at page (1:66), slot 19, text ID 1683947520 is not referenced.
There were lot of errors like this and almost all the tables got affected. I tried REPAIR option but no luck.. I want to know what went wrong and how i can get data back help please
I you have sql 2000 sp2 or above, you can try with: DBCC CHECKDB with option REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS | REPAIR_FAST| REPAIR_REBUILD Specifies that DBCC CHECKDB repair the found errors. The given database_name must be in single-user mode to use a repair option and can be one of the following. Of course with _ALLOW_, may you can loose data, may be not. If you are goin to run this, is because you have not good backup to restore. This option does not work with sp1 or SQL 7.0. Luis Martin
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What is the service pack level on SQL on both the machines. Satya SKJ
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