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database date in SQL Server

Is there a way to set the date for a database. I looked at the set commands, I could not find one that does this, similar to FIXEDDATE in oracle.
When you create the database it will apply the current date and time to the database and there is no such statement to affix certain date value. Satya SKJ
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Do u want to modify the crdate in sysdatabases, well its risky but no idea what impact will occur while playing with system table.
Anyhow SQL server changes the crdate of tempdb everytime it gets started.
Is this you wanted?
select name,crdate from master..sysdatabases
will list you the dbnames with created date It is not advisable to update system tables
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I agree with others
better not to change the system tables,
But in this case i won’t feel there will be a much issue
anyway, why do you want to change this

Perhaps Oracle allows you to alter the ‘system date’, at least within the database environment? In SQL Server, you would have to create a function that returns a date that is derived from GETDATE(), or use something like