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Database design -Pls help

hello everybody,
I am designing a database called CREP for a intranet task application for an organization. Also I have to design a small database called user for a individual task application . Now I have to transfer all the information from User database to the main CREP database. Can anyone help me how to transfer the information from USER database to main CREP database. Pls guide. Rahil
Do you want the data, structure, or both? And is this a one time deal or do you want the information from USER to CREP to be transferred frequently? If the latter is the case, you can read up on "Replication". If it’s a one time deal, there are many options, on of which is DTS. – Tahsin
If its a one-off requirement then you can use DTS to port the data.
If its a ongoing requirement then you can take help of replication as referred by Tahsin. Satya SKJ
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