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database didn’t autogrow!!!

Hi there Does anyone have any ideas on the following issue. SQL 2000 Enteprise Edition database reached 5.5GB in size and failed to autogrow by 10% even though the database was setup to do this. There was 3.5GB free space on the drive where the database files reside so space shouldn;t be an issue. No errors in the SQL logs or servers event logs. First time I’ve seen this!!! Could manually increase the size of the database to get things up and running again though. Any help appreciated.
Yesterday it worked…Today it doesn’t – That’s Microsoft
What is the restricted size set on this database?
As you say the auto-grow for this database is enabled. Can run PROFILER during this process to monitor the events. Satya SKJ
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How do you know that it failed to grow if there was no error reported?