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Hi guys, my manager asked me that to do documentation; right now we are using MSSQL SERVER 2005 Databases, here you assume I am new to make documents on any database but good idea about databases currently that data warehouse in development environment need to done this documentation before go on test environment . So that way you advise me to prepare a document.
Here is my main concerned how to start and what things should we keep in mind while preparing document (what are measurements).if you any prepared documents could help to start or there tool we should use (power point) them. any help appreciated
First thing I would probably do, is to script the whole database. That way you already have some stuff to build the rest upon. If you have some money to spare you might want to have a look at the software section here. There are specialized third-party tools for documenting purposes available. —
Frank Kalis
Microsoft SQL Server MVP
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There are few tools like DBDocumentor and SQL Doc. check the spolight section —————————————-