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Database is Detaching Reg

for past 1 week my live database is detaching from the server
every morning it seems the database is detached.Being a live database the problem is very serious.
What will be the problem and pls help me how to resolve this
First of all You need to find out the cause or main victim who is detaching the DB.
This is very strange thing happening.
There must be some job or someone is doing it delibrately.
Perform a server side trace in order to see the activity.
Satya SKJ
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Yes this seems to be somthin strange .As far i know i hav never heard any process making DBs detached.
Maybe you mean that it auto close and an entry is shown in the sql error log? If so turn of the auto_close option on the database.
Yes that might be the issue, she has mentioned .IF so , please refer to my previous post rajiv