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Database keeps restarting.

Has anyone seen this before. I have restored a backup db from production reassociated the correct logins/users and it seems to be functioning. However, I cam across hundres of entries like the following in the ErrorLog file. I am running SQL 2k SP3a I have restored db’s from production beforeand haven’t run into this. ANother DB that I restored as a part of tihs process works fine and does not throw these errors. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
2005-09-19 10:26:04.17 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:26:04.23 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:26:04.28 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:29:34.27 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:29:34.36 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:29:34.39 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:29:34.43 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
2005-09-19 10:29:34.46 spid172 Starting up database ‘eSurvey’.
A few comments: ->spid172 doesn’t seem like a system/SQL server process to me. Maybe a third party tool or user.
->What is the state of the database right now (readonly?,offline?)
->Do you have anti-virus software running on the server?
->Is the database locked by something/somebody? sp_lock, sp_who2 to find out
Nathan H.Omukwenyi

Edit database properties and takeout mark on AUTO_CLOSE option for that database. Satya SKJ
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Thanks Satya! For the rest here is some more info from SQL Server Magazine: Autoclose is available in all editions of SQL Server 2000. The amount of memory you save by using this option is relatively small but might be important on memory-constrained systems running the Personal Edition. However, enabling autoclose for the other editions isn’t a good idea, because every time you try to access the database, the query will be slowed by the amount of load time it takes to mount the database. As for the question about your files opening and closing, yes, when you enumerate a database in Enterprise Manager, you access the database, which opens the files