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Database Maintenance PLan setup problem

I attempted to create a SQL Eneterprise Manager DB Maintenance Plan; however, it will not let me setup the Complete Backup Tab properly.
It will not let me select the DB Backup location or pick 2 Days to
remove files older than. It does not even show any drop down option when you
select 2 for Days, Months, Weeks, etc. for remove files older than.
Sometimes I get the following error when trying to specify the number of days to remove files after: Error 8114: Error converting data type
int to tinyint. I get this error when I go back into the Complete Backup tab
and try to put the information of backup location and remove files older than
Has anyone seen this problems and/or has any idea on where to proceed? Let
me know.
Thanks in advance

May check this KBA about locale settings. Try to seperate the databases into different plans in order to avoid overlapping issues. Satya SKJ
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I am having the same problem. I can’t find anything online that will help me fix this. I am trying to avoid having to reinstall SQL server since our Cisco phone system runs from this SQL server. Please help.