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database mirroring

for a database mirroring , which stretergy is good.
Creating with witness server or without it.? I am firsttime doing this , so i am posting it to the forum.. and also if we are creating the database mirroring with witness server for automatic failover , will the witness server need the same amount of harddisk space like the pricipal or mirror server.?? thanks
Priyaram Creating a witness server is not mandatory. "The witness is not considered a single point of failure in a database mirroring session, because if the witness server fails, the principal and mirror continue to form a quorum." Having the witness server setup is also an option, but I have done it without the witness server and everything was fine when I tested out all different possibilities. Satya
Also I dont think everybody would want to have automatic failover because there can be many issues that can trigger a failover and we donot want a failover to happen for every small issue. I would prefer having a manual failover.
Thanks sathya for you great tips. having one more clarification, i have installed sqlserver 2005 in an windows 2003 server environment in 64 bit. when i try to create maintanence plan, it’s throwing an error message "Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0010014 (Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSRuntimeWrap) "
in some forum they are suggesting to uninstall sqlserver client program files(x86) folder and reinstall it into program files folder. will this help.. because we have moved one entire server to this new server.. once if we want to perform the above operstioin of uninstall and reinstall it will take 5 days…
in there any better solution for this… thanks for you help
I use mirroring both with a witness and without. We have no problem with failover being triggered when it shouldn’t.
Priyaram No idea abt the error you have got, probably someone who has faced that error might be able to help you with that error. Lets wait and see if someone comes up with a solution Satya