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Database Restoring

We have the file backup of a database from SQL 2000 server, and when i try to restore this on SQL7.0 server it gives me an error as following Error: 3624
Location: upgraddb, cpp:214
Expression: table index < ARRAY_LEN (Upgrade MAP)
Process ID:624 Please can any one tell me how to restore the database on SQL 7.0 server. Thanx in advance.
Satya Daragani
[email protected]

I would not have expected sql2000 backups to be readable by sql7.0, but I dont know for sure. Certainly from your results its looking unlikely. For the upgrade from 6.x to 7.0, SQL7.0 couldnt read 6.0’s backups, so they werent even backwardly compatible!

You cannot directly restore a SQL Server 2000 backup to SQL Server 7.0, that’s way you got the message you did. The way I get around this problem is to use DTS to move all of the objects and data from the SQL Server 2000 database to the SQL Server 7.0 database. If the database is large, this can take a long time. Does anyone else have any more efficient ideas than using DTS?
Brad M. McGehee
You are correct, Brad. I’ve tried several different scenarios and only DTS has worked.