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Database Size?

i am a newbie SQL Serve DBA and in a meeting today a couple of questions came to my mind. I am hoping someone would be able to answer them !
1> We have a database with the following:
Data file size : 82,560 KB
Transaction Log File size : 5,944 KB
Database Size: 86.43 MB Now what does the term "Database Size". Does it include the transaction Log file in the size? it clearly is not an addition of the log and data file size. Does it include the datafile size and other information? 2> i have set the datafile to autoextend by 10%. The original space reserved is 80MB. As u can see the data file has already grown to 82MB. Is the autoextend 10% of the original 80MB. or is it 10% of the current datafile size. Do i have to consider the growth before deciding the autoextend size? in a situation where 10% is less would it grow by the next 10% or would there be a problem . thanks

Database size does include the transaction log and the data file size. Add the above two figures for file and log and divide by 1024 to get figures in MB. The auto extend option is not for the original size. It is for current size. Fo instance if your database reaches 2 GB and the auto inrement is 10%, the file size will increase by 200 MB. Yes expected growth is a conisderation when the initial size and growth rate is detemined as we don’t want the auto growth process to kick off frequently as it consumes lot of resources. In the event 10% is less, it will expand further by 10% as long as there is free disk space available. HTH. Gaurav
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1) Yes, Database Size include: Data + space to grow + Transaction log + space to grow.
2) Is 10% of the current database size (data allocated). If transaction log is 10% too, same case. I allways put a size to grow and not %. Luis Martin
Well, diferents post, same time. I’m using EM, and Size (Database) is all I said. Do you use SQL Analizer, Gaurav? Luis
Yup, I was mentioning about the sp_spaceused command. Gaurav
Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment- L. Ron Hubbard

Ok. Agree. Luis
And to get optimum results use @UPDATEUSAGE=’TRUE’ with SP_SPACEUSED. _________
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