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Database Size Issue

Dear all I am new for SQL Server. There is a urgent issue I need to cope with. Before I re-calculate the database size in EM, there is still has 850M size, however, after I recalculate the database, the result becamce 0M remain in database. But I can still insert data in this database. What happen to the database !!! P.S. My databaes vesion is 6.5 Thanks in advance Kwan
22 May 2004

At home I don’t have 6.5 documentation, try with sp_spaceused in QA.
Since EM is a GUI tool, sometimes give wrong information.
Luis Martin
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I believe you’re monitoring the free space from enterprise manager (GUI tool) which is flaky and as mentioned by Luis run the SP_SPACEUSED from Isql(query) window and run SP_SPACEUSED @UPDATEUSAGE=’true’ in order to get accurate results. Use this undocumented stored procedures using MASTER database:
EXEC sp_MSforeachtable @command1="print ‘?’ sp_spaceused(‘?’)" Satya SKJ
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Dear Thanks for all your advise. I think the EM is wrong. And I got the right answer by using sp_spaceused command Regards Kwan
24 May 2004