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Database Slows Periodically

We have a database that is used by 10 users that slows periodically throughout the day, I have monitored the Batch Requests/Sec over an hour, It averages 7.4 but spikes every 5 – 10 mins to approx 4300? Any known reasons for this? The SQL Server only serves this database, we have another sql server that runs 6 databases with no problems. So I suspect its the database. Are there any other recommended counters to monitor for these types of problems. Cheers
please check out the amount of memory allocated to SQL server… and findout if the design of the database is normalised…and if everythingz fine then i think v need to monitor indexes on the tables of the database… wud be more easy to analyse if the entire scenario is presented here.. Regards
Hyderabad for relevancy. Satya SKJ
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