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database stats – via a query??

Hi all – I have an sql2k server,
and i would like to see the stats of a particular database on that server – is there a way to see the stats (pages, usage, size on disk…)
for a database ???? I would like to display this information on a stats web page.. thanks

While Performance Monitor can provide some specific details on the stats of a database, in most cases, you will need to use the various system stored procedures and DBCC commands available to see them. Of course, Enterprise Manager also displays a few, but not in much detail. None of these tools allow you to directly see them via a web browser, unless you want to write your own code. Some of the system stored procedures and DBCC commands (but not a complete list, which you can find in books online) include: DBCC SQLPERF
etc. See the SQL Server Books Online for a complete list of the DBCC and system stored procedures. There are some third party tools that allow you to see some database stats via a web browser. Some of these are available from,,,, and others.
Brad M. McGehee