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Database switched to Singleuser mode

Hi all, I observed one of my database in single usermode ,When i checked sqlerror logs, i couldnt find any usfull info who did this .But i observed follwin erros there
*backup job failure :No enough space to takebackup , G: drive
*Cannot create object in database because there is no enough space in G: drive. Can anyone tell me ,is that the reason it switched to single usermode automatically?
OR this could be done by some other user? I want to investigate on this ?

I don’t think SQL mark any log/comments anywhere [in sql error log/ server events] when you put your database into single user mode.. Deliberately or by mistake. Further, if there is No space for data/log files growth. I am not sure it can put database in single user mode. I have not faced/ read about this kind of problem.
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Without documentation righ now, I suppose when a backup fail becasue lack of space, SQL serve switch to single mode.
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SQL will not set any databsae to a single-user mode by itself, only with the user intervention it is possible. From the errors it is clear that there is no space on G: drive, if you store backups here the ensure to make free space to complete the jobs. Satya SKJ
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