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Database user access to Enterprise Manager

[?] Has anyone ever installed SQL Enterprise Manager on a user’s desktop so that they can manipulate their own database? (i.e. adding columns and so forth) Also, if you HAVE done this, how did you implement security so that they can’t touch any other objects within the Enterprise Manager interface? (ie DTS and stuff like that) Thanks P.
The easiest way to do this is limit the permissions of their user id in SQL Server. For example, if you let them log in as "sa" then they will have full access. It would be best if you added their NT login account and restricted that account within Enterprise Manager. Hope this helps! ———-
T Kelley
The we do this (and we do this a lot), is to give a user DBO permissions of their own database. This way, they can do anything they want to their own database, but can’t do anything else in other databases or from as SA perspective. ——————
Brad M. McGehee
DO refer to ROLES and permissions in the books online (updated SP3) which has few good references. HTH Satya SKJ