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Databases: Access vs SQL Server

Hi everyone
I would really appreciate if someone can explain the difference in performance and user limitations between Access and MSSQL databases. Another issue I’ve is the network bandwidht when you are more than 50 people using access database how is that going to effect your system. So, if someone have the answers of these questions, please share your knowledge.
Roger: The big difference between Access and SQL Server is, SQL is a database and Access no.
Some differencs are:
SQL Server has:
Capability of autorecovery in case of crashs .
You can write stores procedures and triggers.
Is capable of rolloback transactions.
Use memory, processor, disk in intelligent way.
You can monitor any task.
Have a lot of tools to improve performance.
Can manage a very huge database. And I can’t image how you can deal 50 users with Access Luis Martin
Moderator All postings are provided “AS IS” with no warranties for accuracy. for information. Access doesn’t support Transaction Logging, which is essential for maintaining the integrity of a database in the real world. But Access should work fine as long as the customer knows what to expect in advance. This is to your benefit as well as theirs. But one more possibility, you could also use MSDE. MSDE is the "scaled down" version of SQL Server and it’s free. You still have some of the limitations of Access (2gig DB limit and it automatically slows down with 5users–but you can have more than 5). A big plus with MSDE is the database integrity is better than access. Also, you can write true stored procedures and enforce security a lot better. Not to mention, when/if you decide the performance isn’t good enough, or the company grows, you can easily move the database directly to SQL Server without changes.
Satya SKJ
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Thank you Satya and Luis Martin for your fast respons. It gave me a clearer picture what I’m dealing with.