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Databases Backup SQL 7.0

Dear SQL Experts, I have SQl 7.0 server with more than 50 databases on a server, we decided to move this server on to a new hardware. Now i can not take the backup of each database. I need a solution to take the backup of all the databases at a single instance and restoration too. First of all is it possible? if yes how can i do it? Please help me to complete this task of mine. I will be gald to you. Kindly reply to me ASAP. Thank you one and all in advance.
Satya Daragani
[email protected]

In Enterprise Manager, go into Management and create a maintenance plan. This allows you to select all user tables, and one of the steps of the plan is the option to back up the databases.

Chappy has provided you good advice, but I have a couple of other questions for you. Did you move from 7.0 to 7.0, or 7.0 to 2000? How did you move the databases from old server to another? And when you say you can’t back up each of the databases now, what does that exactly mean? Are you getting error messages? If so, what steps did you take and what are the error messages?
Brad M. McGehee