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date query

i am designing website , where i m using ASP as frontend & MSSQL server 2k as one my table i taken one column as date_sub1,in which i m storing system date . i want to write such a query in which i will specify two dates for eg. (from)01/01/2006 & (To)04/04/2006. i will pass these two values to query,so that query should return me the result where date_sub1 is between these two dates. can anyone tell me how to write such query.
select <columnlist> from <tablename>
where date_sub1 between <fromdate> and <todate> cheers
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thanx chaloner for ur help, i was trying same thing,but i haven’t use single quote in date like ’01/01/2006′,it was not giving me result.
specify you date in YYYYMMDD or YYYY/MM/DD ——
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