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db down please help!

I have some problems!!!!!! I was given a database that is in rough shape. here are the particulars. SQL 2000 RTM. The SQL Services wouldn’t start the database when the engine came up. Here is where it gets shaky. They say that they dettached the database when it was in "emergency" mode now they have nothing. No service packs, no maintenance, and a datbase that won’t start. When I try to attach i get this nasty error. Server: Msg 3624, Level 20, State 1, Line 1 Location: recbase.cpp:1378
Expression: m_offBeginVar < m_SizeRec
SPID: 55
Process ID: 2068 Connection Broken I have tried sp_attach_single_file_db but do not have the same directory structure so it continues to error out.
Does any one have any ideas on how to attach just so I can read or script? Then maybe I can export / import ?
First of all upgrade the service pack level of SQL to SP3a in order to retain few fixes.
Check fro SQL server error log directory that is there any stack dump or any other additional information.error log? Atlest do they have a latest database backup? Satya SKJ
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