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i am for the first time creating the database mirroring.I am moving the all the usr databases and everything from test server to a new server called test1.And from that new server i am restoring on the another new server called test2 for database mirroring.But in the test server , the transaction logs are backup for every 15 minutes.So in this case is there a need to move all the logs to test1 and then to test2 for mirroring?? or there is no need to move transaction logs to the new servers at all??
my secnario
server1 server2 server3
——– ——- ——–
test test1 (moving everything from test) test2(mirror for test1 ) all the transaction logs are backup in test for every 15 minutes. so in this case , do i need to move the transcation logs from test to test1 and test2
or there is not need to move at all??
If you are working on true database mirroring then you don’t need to copy or apply any tlogs… Database mirroring transfers transaction log records directly from one server to another… Read the following article…
Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2005
my scenario is different. i am moving all the things from one server to a new virtual server. and from that virtual server , i am using database mirroring to mirror the database to a new virtual server.
so from the first virtual server i am not moving the tlogs… i am just restoring the database with mdf and ldf files.
Sorry! I didn’t get your question initailly…. I don’t think you need to copy the logs to test2…but if you can restore the logs using UNC name then you don’t need to copy the logs to test1 also…
As suggested just forget about Transaction log backups and in this case once you have moved the database to another VS then initiate the database mirroring. Satya SKJ
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