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DB refresh and user creation after refresh

Hi I have to do one DB refresh from Prod to Dev, also i need to transfr all users and permissions. which among the following step is good .
1)transfr logins first then refresh DB
2)refresh DB first, then transfr logins Please adivice.. *After refresh and creating logins, is there any way to set default DB for users, as in Production. Suppose i have 300 users.If its less no: i can set it one by one. I think all DBAs have worked on this kind of issues thanks
Hi I think i got the solution to this . DO the DB refresh first , then the copyin of logins else..
the default databases of each login will be all messed up.

If these are SQL logins then you can use SP_CHANGE_USERS_LOGIN in order to fix them. Satya SKJ
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