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DBA role

Sometimes we need to run some data update scripts and I am notified that the developers ran a script on the production. [B)] The question is that should I ristrict them to pass the script to me? I have also noticed that almost all of the developers have a connection to production on their EM. What is your sugesstion? Any Advise or experience? [xx(] CanadaDBA
I suggest don’t allow developers to use EM on production server.
Luis Martin
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Bertrand Russell
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quote:Originally posted by LuisMartin I suggest don’t allow developers to use EM on production server.

I suggest you only allow them read access.

Refer to these linkshttp://www.developer.com/db/article.php/718491 &http://www4.dogus.edu.tr/bim/bil_kay/dbase/mssql65dba/ch02.htm Explain the terms to Management to restrict developers to give such super-user activity and DBA will not be responsible for any unaudited activities. Otherwise ask them to purchase third party tool to audit the activities on the database, that can safe-guard DBA role. Satya SKJ
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