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DBCC DBREINDEX or another desfragment method

I was trying run Maintenance Database Wizard, with the Rebuild Index option. The main objective is reduce fragmentation
It is a 70GB database, about 40000 tables, the bigger is 2GB a table, there are others 10 biggest tables has 1GB almost the same. The others are very small tables. So, this maintenance plan runned by 36 hours and nothing. I aborted, and tried more 2 times. It doesn’t worked. Now, I’m trying running dbcc dbreindex manually on the bigest tables, if I run in just one table it work well, taking about 10 minutes, but if I try something like:
dbcc dbreindex([tst.MSEG]) ; checkpoint ;
dbcc dbreindex([tst.EKPO]) ; checkpoint ;
go or if I run each dbcc in a separeted connection, all my connection running dbcc becames to be in state SUSPENDED. Does anyone know something about?
In SQL 2000 the maintenance plan works perfectly. Before the migration, it takes 2 hours to run, in the same database. Thanks.
Esio Nunes
Run server side trace to see what it runs, also check what is the contention of Transaction log during this operation. Satya SKJ
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