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I use DBCC inputBuffer regularly to see what processes/code are causing performance issues. when an sp is being run it returns the # of params and the sp name. I want know if there is a way to return the values for the params as well. I know I can run a trace, but want to be able to dynamically find out. Jack Corbett
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You can insert the results into a temp table then run a query on the table. create table #t (….)
insert into #t
exec (‘DBCC inputBuffer (54)’)
select * from #t where EventInfo
drop table #t There might be some other way though…. Bambola.
….maybe the query above with fn_get_sql ? Nathan H.O.
I am not familiar with fn_get_sql. I understand it was first presented with SP3.
Anyway, check this linkhttp://sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=604 Bambola.
And even a more interesting stored procedure with a lot of info plus the statements that are running at the time of the snapshot at: http://www.algonet.se/~sommar/sqlutil/aba_lockinfo.html] Nathan H.O.
Thanks for your answers. IT looks like vbkenya has given me what I need. I should have mentioned that I am working with SQL 7 so I don’t have access to fn_get_sql. Jack Corbett
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