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dbcc sqlperf in SQL Server 2005

In SQL Server 2005, the dbcc sqlperf requires View Server State permission. If this permission cannot be granted, how can I find out the nlogpcntused (Percentage of the log file currently occupied with transaction log information)? Thanks for any help, Peter
I’ve looked hard for this, through the dynamic management views, but I can’t find one. There is sys.dm_db_file_space_usage but this only lists information for data files, not log files. Maybe you just have to use dbcc sqlperf(logspace) as before?
Hi Thomas, Even you find a dynamic management view which provides the same information provided by dbcc sqlperf(logspace), most likely it will require view server state permission. As a workaround, I need to use fileproperty and sys.database_files to get a result similar to dbcc sqlperf(logspace). This workaround is not mine.