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dbcc sqlperf(logspace) question…

(using master as an example) When running sqlperf(logspace)displays
99.7mb log size
10% log space used In Enterprise Mgr the space allocated for master is 100mb (auto grow file 10%, unrestricted file size)
On the server the physical file size for mastlog.ldf is about 102mb So what exactly is the 10% of log space used? 10% compared to what? Thanks again for all your help it’s all good
10% of log space used means that out of allocated 100 MB allocated for log gile, you are using only 10 MB of space. Log might have grown because of a large transaction or something like that and then it might have gotten truncated (looks like ur DB is in simple recovery mode) or when you might have backed it up using BACKUP LOG. They will truncate your log but won’t shrink log file physically. HTH
-Rajeev Lahoty