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DBs backup using Backup device or Maint. Plan

Hi I am in a kind of situation where I need to recheck backup of few large databases. I was working out the details of the cause of failure of few db backups. As I was doing this I happen to understand that Backup Device is advisable for large databases than the DB Maint. plan – Complete backup with files to be deleted older than 1 day. Can any body tell me if I understand right, as I need to fix few backup failures in my shop having constraint of no additional space in the backup disk(s) (and not intending to add more space). ? Or rather can anybody tell me what is the diff. of taking backup with a backup device (process) and /or with DB Maint. plan. ? I did some kind of research, but cdn’t figure the right point. Thanks in Advance
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There are no performance or other technical differences between using a database device or not using a database device for backups. The only pros and cons are in regard to management. For example, you can use both backup devices, or not, when using T-SQL to run your backups, but if you use the Maintenance Wizard, your only choice is to use the non-backup device method. Personally, I don’t use backup devices, as I personally don’t see any benefit in using them myself. If you are having issues with running out of backup space, and you can’t get more hardware, consider a compression backup program, such as those offered by www.dbassociatesit.com or www.sqlzip.com. —————————–
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I also use maintenance plans for backup, one for all databases and one for all logs. I find this easier for management as databases are created/deleted. Haven’t had any problems (so far) <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-5.gif’ alt=’;-)’ /><br /><br />Cheers<br />Twan
May be if you use severals devices to split database, can get space in differentes drives.
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