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Debugging on log shipping distination

We’re thinking about using log shipping from our production database to our development server, which will give us a second (read_only) copy of our database on our development server. The second copy will only be used for internal workers (some larger report jobs), and downtime is not a problem. The thing is that this is our development server, and some of the other databases on the server will have debugging enabled. My question is, how will this affect log shipping on the sending server
1. Will the shipping just skip if the distination is not available?
2. What if the distination server is halted in a debug in another database? Im sure i read some where that you should never enable debugging in a production environment, as it will halt the server if debugging hits a breakpoint. Both servers uses
-SQL 2005 Standard x64

Log shipping involves backing up the transaction log, shipping it to a share, loading it on the dr server (dev in this case). Your live server will not be affected if your dev server cannot load it, and the job will simply fail if it cannot backup or copy to the share. However, I would consider database mirroring. Although it is not supported for live solutions, this is merely to your dev environment. Is there any reason dev needs to work on current data? Backup/restore would do the job as effectively. *Be aware that in financial reporting environments industry regulations and company policy may prevent developers having access to copies of live data, and may need to be cleaned of confidential information before loading in a dev environment.*