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Dedicated server for SQL – Minimum Services

If someone has a server dedicated to SQL, what are the minimum services I should be running on the server. Standard SQL, one server. I know for certain I can get rid of DNS and DHCP, but there are lots of other services running. Please advise! Dan Lewis
Stop other applications that are running.
Check under Server services and see if that individual service is used used by any application other than operating system, if not then disable them. I don’t have a list but opening services MSC will give you explanation about each service. Satya SKJ
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From How to Perform a SQL Server Performance Audit, by Brad. Have Unnecessary Services Been Turned Off? For best performance, turn off any Windows 2000 or 2003 system services that aren’t needed. This conserves both RAM and CPU cycles, helping to boost the overall performance of SQL Server. Below are some of the operating system services (not a complete list) that are generally considered non-essential and can be turned off, if they are not used. Some of these services may not be installed on your server, and others will already be set to "Disabled" or "Manual," depending on how the server was installed and configured. Some of the services set to "Manual" are designed to only started when needed, and then to turn themselves off when no longer needed. Alerter Application Management Clipbook Distributed Link Tracking Server Fax Service File Replication FTP Service Indexing Service Internet Connection Sharing Intersite Messaging Kerberos Key Distribution Center License Logging Service Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service Messenger Microsoft Search NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing Network DDE Network DDE DSDM Print Spooler Service (if you won’t be printing from this server) QoS RSVP Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Routing and Remote Access RunAsService Smart Card Smart Card Helper SMTP Service Telnet Utility Manager Windows Installer World Wide Web Service Generally, I turn off these services (assuming they are currently on) and ensure that their "Startup Type" setting is set to "Manual." Of course, if you have a need for any of these services, you don’t have to turn them off. Luis Martin
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