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Default data and log location doesn’t work

We want to distribute new database to different drives, for 1-10 new databases, we want them to drive 1, then for 20-40 databases we want them to drive 2. The problem, we set the default data and log location on server instance to drive 1, the first 20 new database went there. then we change the default setting to drive 2, While 20-40 databases did not go to drive 2, they still went to drive 1. What is the problem, double checked the path, customer used other application to create database, not sure about taht? New DBA
Did you restart the SQL server between changes? Sounds like it’s not picked up unless the server is restarted… Can’t find anything definitive in BOL though. In my fooling around with DataRootPath through DMO, I do know that the value is stored in the registry. You may need a ‘reload’ of the registry in order for the value to be updated. S’bout all I can think of atm.
When I created new database using create database wizard, it goes to default location. When I created new database with SQL statement, the new databases go to old location, does not pick up the right location. Gurus, please help! New DBA
Now the problem is: Where the default location variables for data and log stored, registry? it is strange, by mouse clicking using database creation wizard, files go to default location
by query analyzer, files go to old default location? Gurus, please help? New DBA
Can not restart the SQL services, because it is cluster configuration for high availability
Confirmed with Microsoft that this is a bug will be fixed in SP2 New DBA