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Deleted records log

An admin account with a user name and password has logged to my web enabled control panel and has deleted other account in the admin table. Actually he has this permission. But I am not sure that this happend using the control panel. This might happen through a manual deletion from the database itself, there are three admin accounts in my dedicated server. Is there any method to know if the a manual deletion has occured. Do log files store any activities releted to the deletion of records? Any comments will be respected.
Yes you can see transaction log to check what happended but in other way by using third party tools to read transaction log such as log navigator or log explorer. Satya SKJ
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AFAIk, third party tools have to be installed before such an event. Installing them afterwards is likely to be pretty useless. I haven’t tried to search the logs for such information myself, but you can view the log via:
DBCC LOG(< your db name goers here >,-1) The second parameter can range from -1 to 4, but iirc is -1 the one that will give you the most complete information. It might be worth a try. Also, it might be worth considering tightening your security. —
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