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Dell CX200/CX300

Does any1 have any xperience with the Dell SANs CX200 or CX300? We are planning to buy one and connect a 2node SQL Server and a 2node Exchange Server to it. The Userload will be from 100-300 users. Wich would be easy on the clusters if we extrapolate the load on a single server now. My worries started when i heard that the Disk I/O the bottleneck is for the CX200 and i wonder if any1 has anything to say/experience with this. The issue is if we want to buy 2 separate Clusters (with their own diskarray) or 4 servers (2clusters) with a SAN. The SAN gives us much more scalability, but the next step (CX600) up Dell is offering us is much more expensive than the 2 separate clusters. Use the dark side of Technology..
The CX200 is not a Dell product. It’s EMC. You can get: CX200,300,400,500,600. You need to talk to an EMC rep who will let you know your options. Derrick Leggett
It may be due to excessive usage of tempdb by the queries. There are three areas of data collection to troubleshoot disk I/O bottlenecks. The first is System Monitor’s Physical Disk object. System Monitor should capture all counters and all instances prior, during, and after the slow performance periods, if possible. Secondly, the database file layout—what drives are the .mdf, .ndf, and .ldf files residing on for each database? Thirdly, what is the configuration of each drive? Review information from this link. Satya SKJ
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