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Developement Project.

I am in the process of pulling together a bunch of scripts and stored procedures I have used over the yeats to generate a series of update/insert/select stored procedures for a given table or databases. Anyone interested in expanding the project by creating an open-source project on SourceForge I am thinking about expanding to include –
1) Nicely formated html pages for the newly created stored procs
2) Asp pages to test the procs.
3) C# or VB.NEt classes (maybe)
4) Somthing with XML??? I want to do most of the developement in T-SQL. Peace,
Joe O’Brien
I think using VIsual source safe is easier here to keep all in place.
BTW, what is SourceForge? _________
Satya SKJ

SourceForge aka is a Open Source website devoted to Open Source developement. Here is the tag line from the website: is the world’s largest
Open Source software development website,
with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet.
provides free services to Open Source developers.
They host open source development projects. So if enough people where interested we could create
a project/product. I am somewhat interested in creating something just as a place to keep all the scripts I have created over the
years. So aside from the generation of stored procedure, perhaps other DBAish scripts would be of value. Peace, Joe O’Brien
So nice to hear about the project, I would rather make up my time to store the scripts and help. _________
Satya SKJ

Hi Joe, Sounds like a good plan, although how does this differ from a hints and tips forum such as this and a number of others around the Net? Cheers
Hi Joe, I would first check with sourceforge whether such a project already exists.
IIRC there are several projects for SQL Server out there, including query builder, web admin GUI’s…
As I was saying a couple of weeks ago before a got super busy….
I started thining about this little project as a way to come up to speed with
C# as I have done any dot-net application developement (I am a DBA) So I thought why don’t
I write a bunch of stored procs that would generate all the select/insert/update/delete
stored procs for a given schema and I put a simple C# front end to it. This would be be a really
useful tool. That I could take with me forever. So I started talking it about with various people I work with and Then I found that Microsoft has created a SQL Centric DOT.NET code generator. Available here: This is a very impressive little proof of concept application. It generates stored procs and
a lot of C# code to access those stored procs. It literally generates generates an C# .NET application
in about 2 minutes. I sort of blown away as it is pretty simple application that is increadably powerfull.
So I am know re-thinking my career …..I thinking that maybe instead of being worried about IT jobs being outsourced to Russia/India/Whatever perhaps code generators will be used to generate all that repetative
coding…..What cheaper than sending it over seas to be developed…not sending it over seas at all. What I seel in the future is we will all be Generalist or Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). The generalists will interview the SMEs – generate a MODEL (UML, ERD, what ever) and then an application will generate a application based on the model. There are a ton of applications that do what I have just described
Joe O’Brien
IMHO- Maybe we should be worried about programming jobs going to India – perhaps code
generators will be used to generate all the repetative coding that is be sent overseas.
I’ll take a look at the code generator, it looks like a handy tool. Thanks for the link. In the end, I dont think code generators/wizards will replace all IT. For myself,I usually use things like this to create basic/base code, but then modify the generated code or use my own coding or my own code generator. For Code generators to replace all developers (except those who write code generators) this would assume a heterogeneous world where everyone wants the same thing everytime (or within the same set of parameters). This is often not the case, if it was, then everyone would only ever buy off the shelf products. As someone who choses permanant work over contract work, I certainly prefer when things arent outsourced, but understand that at times, and in places it makes total sense. And businesses are going to outsource where they feel that they will get the best value for their money. If they believe that value is in another country then so be it. If people in any country (there are a great many represented in the forum) then the IT people in that country need to all work hard and prove that their coding is a superiour value. This doesnt necessarily mean dropping wages, but it may mean spending more time testing or cross developing skills so that coders can also accurately do the work of a business analyst. Or it could mean providing a better support/maintenance contract (if the code is perfect the first time, then maintenance shouldnt be a huge problem). IMHO – If you’re good at what you do, someone will be willing to pay you for it (and if you’re really good, sit back and let the fight over you). Anyway, like I said, thanks for the tool and the chance to discuss outsourcing.
When it comes to code generators I would recommend LLBLGen: /Argyle
I don’t think that code generators will replace all of IT. I think that code generators will replace all of the repetative developments that we do today. That link I provided above – to the application available from Microsoft is fantastic.
I would estimate it could do most (I say over 85 %) of the stored proc development for a given development project. It also generates a myriad of C# classes and the like to access the stored procs really It created the entire data tier from a given schema. This is one tool – I haven#%92t begun to evaluate all of the open source tools. There are many that target Java/Oracle instead of SQL Server/C# dot net. As far as customization – most of these code generators are customizable via templates and can be modified.
Joe E O