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diagram tool gets 400 connections to sql2k

For Sql server 2000, sp3, standard edition, when a developer connects to the db with enterprise manager diagram tool and begins working 400 database connections are taken. I cannot duplicate the problem. Killing the sessions is only a temporary fix, once restarted, the connections are reestablished. I found nothing @ msdn or google…..

Is it only for one specific developer or any developer who uses EM? I’ve never heard of this problem. I would recommend going to Microsoft Support for this kind of issue.
Does he have SP3a installed on his machine? A lot of developers fail to do this. They install the client tools and never put a service pack on. MeanOldDBA
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As mentioned the SP must be installed on client tools also in order fix few bugs, for monitoring purpose you can take help of PROFILER before and after during this process. Satya SKJ
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