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diff betn sysxlogins and syslogins tables

what is the diff betn sysxlogins and syslogins tables
Try running sp_help on one followed by sp_help on the other and determining what the difference is for yourself. Hint: syslogins is a VIEW of sysxlogins. Tom Pullen
DBA, Oxfam GB
Hi, I noticed that in all of SQL Servers I managed, the sysxlogins has 1 addtional record from syslogins that look like this srvid sid xstatus xdate1 xdate2 name dbid language isrpcinmap ishqoutmap selfoutmap
—— —————————————————————————————————————————————————–
0 NULL 192 2004-07-11 06:21:25.163 2004-07-11 06:21:25.163 NULL 0 NULL 0 1 1 I know that sysxlogins is an undocumented system table. Querying the system tables is not a recommended approach by Microsoft, but if you do want to query sysxlogins, query syslogins instead, which is a view on top of sysxlogins and is documented. I need to explain to internal auditor & also as DBA, I also very curious about this additional record. What is the additional records for ?