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Difference in SQL Server editions

Hi, just wanted to know the important technical difference between SQL 2K Standard edition and the Enterprise editions besides the log shipping difference. Thanks.
You’re best bet is to search on the homepage of SQL Serverhttp://www.microsoft.com/sql
There are many documents about this. Too much to post here. ———————–

1. Open Books Online.
2. Go to Index tab.
3. Type editions of SQL Server.
4. Hit Enter.
5. Choose a topic and you’ll find plenty of information. — Marek Grzenkowicz

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quick note on one difference (i believe) is the capabilities of Reporting Services which i am playing with now. going to class on this next week, so hopefully be more updated. the
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Enterprise Edition has all SQL funcionabilty.
Standard Edition does not support:
– Failover Clustering
– Paralell create index.
– Paralell DBCC.
– Log Shipping.
– Enhanced read-ahead and scan.
– Indexed views.
– Federal Database Server.
– System Area Network (SAN).
– User defined OLAP partitions.
– Linked OLAP cubes.
– Real Time OLAP.
– Partition Wizard.
– Relational OLAP (ROLAP) dimension support.
– HTTP Internet support.
– Write Back to dimensions.
– Very large dimension support.
– Distributed partitioned cubes. End of coffe.
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There are also differences in hardware configurations that each edition can use are also important:
  • Standard Edition cannot utilize more than 2 GB of RAM and 4 CPUs
  • Enterprise Edition can be scaled up to 64 GB of RAM and 32 CPUs
— Marek Grzenkowicz