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Direct connect gigabit cards

Hi All, I have two Dell2650’s, both with dual gigabit cards, that I am trying to directly connect. One card in each is connected to the local LAN via TCPIP. I want to use the remaining cards to use a reverse cable to isolate the SQL servers. I have set up these two cards with TCP/IP and non-routable (sp?) addresess of and I can register the SQL servers, but when I go to transfer a database, it seems that the gigabit connection is not used and instead the traffic goes over the LAN. Is there any way to force the gigabit connection between the computers? Tks
Hi ya, You’d need to use a host file to make sure that the database server’s name translates to or .2 When you type ping <server> on a command prompt at the server, what IP address do you get? replacing <server> with the name of the server you’re connecting to. Make sure that it gives you the or .2 address Cheers