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Disable just 1 instance of Replication

Hi All, Is there a way I can disable publisher and subscriber, without deleting them.
Problem is…we have many instances of replication on server and I just wanty to disable 1 instance of replication. Any suggestions, I don’t want to delete the publisher and subscriber, just want to disable them. Its a transactional replication.
I have tried disabling log reader agent, but that stop log reader agent for other instances as well..
You can disable the distribution agent for that publication instead of diabling the log reader agent which effects all publications… I don’t know how it effects the database transaction log…because until the transactions are not replicated log will not be truncated even after the log backup… MohammedU.
You can continue transaction log backup as usual and as referred replication will not be affective as there is no publication/subscription executed. But the size will be varied until the whole process is finished. Satya SKJ
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