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DIsk controller

I need to get a disk controller (and 4 300G disks) for our ibm xseries 226 type 8648. The options seem to be
6i+ Controller (39R8793)
6M Ultra320 SCSI Controller (39R8815)
http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?lndocid=MIGR-53538 Anyone any experience of these (or things like them) or want to comment on which is best?
I’m thinking the 6M as it supports raid 10 and is a bit more expensive although we will only be using raid 5 (for everything) for some reason.

What is the database growth and usage (SLA)? Satya SKJ
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It’s mainly batch processes.
Growth won’t be steady but there is loads of free space currently.
Not possible to estimate what will be needed. If that’s in relation to the raid type then ignore it.
It was originbally spec’d with 2 25G disks + 2 200G disks at raid 5 so 2 250G + 4 300G is going to give more even if they are raid 10.
i would recommend getting atleast 10 disks spread across 2 scsi channels,
go with smaller capacity, not the big cap drives i have used the LSI equivalent of the 6M, which is a decent product
i believe the 6i is low cost alternative, probably meant for low disk throughput environments give serious consideration to the SAS products for later plans
m/c doesn’t support SAS and will only take 6 disks.
2 are connected to motherboard and are being kept we are replacing the other 2 existing with 4 disks connected to the new controller.
The bays will be full after this. Thanks for the comment though.
The server was bought a while ago and I don’t have the option of changing it.
It’s a pretty entry level server.