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Disk partitioning to utilize performance

We just bought a HP DL360 G4 server with RAID1 that we are going to run mssql on (possibly 7.0).
Are there any rules of thumbs on how we should partition this (OS/log/databases) in order to utilize performance?
Is there any use at all since there is only one disc? Any answers much appreciated!!
the key in database performance is not how you configure a single disk, but in configuring many disks and disk controllers.
also, the 1U servers should not be used for DB because they do not have enough PCI-X/PCI-e slots at minimum, get 1 external storage unit with 10 disks in 2 SCSI channels, preferably 2 ext stor. with 20 disks
Thanks for the answer. Still, this is a question of money, and we have got lots of similar servers (1U servers) that we use as dbservers today. Are there really no utilization tips for these cases on how to partition? (As of today, we cannot afford many disks and disk controllers..)
if there is just 1 disk, there is nothing to configure,
i don’t really see the point of having multiple partitions with 1 disk
just make 1 big partition, leave everything default
Ok, thanks for answering! Have a good one!