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Disk/RAID configuration….again!!

Hi, I am currently building a new server for a SQL2000 DB which is around 30Gb in size and expected to grow to about twice this size. I have looked at implementing the following configuration, does this look okay? Or are there some glaring errors here? Array A: 2x72Gb RAID1 – OS
Array B: 2x72Gb and Array C: 2x72Gb spanned to create RAID10 – data files
Array D: 2x72Gb RAID1 – Transaction Log files
Array E: 1x72Gb RAID0 – Tempdb
Array F: 1x72Gb RAID0 – Backup file (this is backed up via Tivoli to our SAN) There will also be two standby hot spare 72Gb drives supporting the above. Thanks.

That’s a "dream" configuration, and ideal one that most people can’t afford to implement. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Luis Martin
Thanks, one other quick question, what’s the best way to configure the above giving that the RAID controller has two channels on it?

My oppinion:
One channel for Data and log, other for rest.
Luis Martin
Hello All, I have a similar config as frozenwaste, but with 8 x 146Gb 10K U320 drives, on a dual channel raid card. I need to achieve upto 500Gb DB and on a very strict budget.
Unfortunately I am now confused, An external source has suggested 2 x Raid10 arrays with one for OS and LOGS the other DB, but on following the forums and articles on this site, surely it would be better to seperate logs from os and sql.
Personally I would have used 12 x 73Gb 15k discs,
1 x Raid1, OS,SQL
1 x Raid1, Logs
1 x raid5 across 7 discs, 1 x HS, DB. This is roughly what I use for my exchange server. My question really is: Do I agree with our consultant?
You guys seem to be very SQL as I’m not I hope you could help. Need to get this right first time.
Would be very grateful for suggestions SR
We achieved similar performance by keeping OS & Logs on same RAID on one of our services, but this purely depends on the application whether its an OLTP or a normal application. I would suggest you to go with article listed in this site and get the optimum results. Is it a third party application or in-house developed? Satya SKJ
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