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% Disk Time WAY over 100%?!

I recently used PerfMon to monitor a SQL Server machine that showed the following stats over a 10 hour period (the most busy time for the SQL Server): Physical Disk: % Disk Time = 520 avg.
Physical Disk: Avg. Disk Queue Length = 10 avg. Here are the specs of the machine:
1. Windows 2003 Server
2. SQL Server 2000 Standard
3. 4 GB Memory
4. 2 Xeon 3 GHz w/ Hyper-threading Processors
5. 273 GB of storage for the SQL Server on a RAID 10 Array
*2 Stripe Sets – 2 146 GB 10,000 RPM SCSI Drives making up each stripe set. The two stripe sets are then mirrored together to present 1 273 GB (Usable) drive.
6. OS on a separate RAID 1 Array The memory and processor counters all seemed normal and within range, but these Disk values seem quite high. Anybody care to give some opinions on if these values are normal considering the disk arrangement or if there is a cause for concern here? Thanks in advance.
per my discussion in this forum and in www.qdpma.com
% disk time has no relevence, do not even bother looking at this counter see my post in the 2005 PT for HC on proper disk system
2 disks is really just way too little for recent generation server systems