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Disscuss & Vote about hard disk

For hard disk’s capacity, If I have 10G SQL 7 database (2G memory), I would have 2-3 times free hard to support it.
MDF is 10G; LDF is 2-3G; temp DB is 4-6G; the rest for auto-grow. How do you think? Thank you for your reply
Not sure I understand what it is youre asking?
If its ‘will a 30GB H/D be ok to run this database’, then I guess yeah it would. However, Id say youd be better having more than one hard disk to spread the IO load. Dont forget windows paging file can sometimes generate plenty of IO on its own. Id really consider a nice old RAID array
I agree with Chappy… In my experience we rarely run out of disk space and are limited by disk performance. Physical disk drives that can satisfy I/O requests are what dictate performance so design for I/O workload (like I/Os per second and MB per second). After you finished with that make sure you have enough space, which I’m sure you will in your case.

I mean I need a future request/plan for sizing HDD.
How big is enough for 2-3 years without buying more HDD.
How much you will need will depend on the activity of your database, which is very hard for us to guess at. If possible, I try to use historical data to project future trends, but that doesn’t always work as I get surprised all the time about new projects. Given than disk space is relatively inexpensive, I would get at least twice what you expect to need, as space always seems to fill up faster than your best guesses. I know this is not very helpful, but this is an issue all DBAs struggle with.
Brad M. McGehee
Thank you all. Could you please give a suggested setting ratio of MDF & TempDB?
Memory & Paging file? Thanks again.
Do you mean ratio for autogrow ? Id advise making all databases autogrow, its not nice running into trouble because youve set a databases maximum size. For a database of 10G, Id also avoid allowing a percentage increase and fix the growth amount at a set size. Maybe 200MB would be suitable, I cant say because it depends on how rapidly your database grows. Performance Monitor has counters to allow you to track database and log growths. For your paging file, Id generally stick with what windows recommends, though Id try to have a dedicated drive for it, and Id make sure the drive is not suffering from fragmentation before configuring the paging file to go on it. For actual memory its difficult to say how much would be suitable. It depends on what the workload of the server is (concurrent users, complexity of operations etc). I was recently advised from this forum, to check the Buffer Hit Ratio% on my server to see if it would benefit from more memory. Based on this our sql server did not appear to need more (1Gig was allowing 70 users, accessing 6 databases of between 6 and 10GB each, and Buffer Hit Ratio was consistently 100%).
However, I noticed there was a great deal of paging occurring, and so I think my server will benefit from more memory after all, to remedy this.

For my recommendations in these areas, see this URLs: Tempdb:
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/tempdb.asp Swap File:
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/operating_system_tuning_w2k.asp MDF Settings:
http://www.sql-server-performance.com/database_settings.asp Memory:
Brad M. McGehee
Thanks again